Reducing Your High Blood Pressure Risks

Everyone over the age of 35 should have their blood pressure checked regularly. No, you don’t have to visit your doctor every time you want to check on your blood pressure. By an automatic blood pressure cup that takes your blood pressure for you. These only cost around $30 and it will save your life one day.

If you have a high-salt or a high fat diet your body is all ready in trouble. Talk to your doctor about a heart healthy diet. If you start eating right now you will “greatly” reduce your chances of high blood pressure. By reducing your blood pressure or changing your diet before your get high blood pressure you are also lowering your risks for heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, and stroke just to name a few.

A heart healthy diet does not mean that you cannot enjoy eating. It just teaches you a new way of eating. For ex: Eating fresh fruits and vegetables when they are available. If they aren’t eat frozen not canned. Don’t eat a lot of fried foods. Stay away from a lot of fatty meats and lots red meats. You can eat chicken, fish and turkey boiled, baked or broiled. Learn to substitute herbs for flavor instead of salt.

Everyone loves to eat foods that have been grilled.  This is ideal for someone who wants to escape the fried foods scene. Use fresh herbs the next time your grill instead of salt.

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