Is High Cholesterol Harming Your Heart?

High cholesterol is termed as a silent disease which does not show signs of its progression at initial stages, in most of the cases. A doctor declares high cholesterol when a lab test shows elevated level of LDL cholesterol and reduced levels of HDL cholesterol in the blood of the patient. As a result of which, a plaque, formed from the hard remain of elevated cholesterol and varied other agents present in the blood stream, clogs the walls of blood vessels.

This makes the blood vessels considerably harder and narrower. This further the increases the risk of facing heart attacks, especially when the blood supply to the vessels is hampered by its narrow size, presence of clots and partial death of the heart muscles due to lack of oxygen reach. It is commonly observed that people with mounted levels of cholesterol are at a risk of inflicting heart strokes. This condition occurs when the vessels supplying blood to the brain are blocked to the presence of plaque accumulated due to high cholesterol. The shrinking of the blood vessels also denies the adequate reach of oxygen to the heart muscles. This results into the occurrence of angina attacks which is characterized by acute pain in the chest.

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