How can Grooming Cause Hair Loss?

Improper grooming of hair can cause major damage to hair. Therefore, it is essential to maintain proper grooming methods which help to prevent hair loss.

First of all, it is better not to comb and brush hair when it is wet since it can cause tremendous damage to hair. Also, people should avoid brushing or combing hair too much which can break the hair and cause hair loss.

Many people desire clean hair. That is why they use shampoo regularly. However, too much shampoo can remove the essential materials like magnesium and calcium from hair which are essential for strong and shiny hair. People should also avoid anti dandruff shampoos. These shampoos contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and selenium sulfate which cause liver damage and cancer. However, people who suffer from dandruffs can use natural and herbal shampoos to cure their dandruffs safely.

Different shampoos are used for different types of hair. However, it is best to use shampoos which have ph level of 5.5. Conditioners are good for hair and don’t contain harmful chemical substances. However, it is better to buy shampoo and conditioner separately as they serve different purposes and never should be bought together. Lastly, while cleaning hair the shampoo should be first poured in hand and then massaged gently into scalp by fingertips rather than pouring directly into the head.

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What is the Link between Anemia and Hair Loss?

The loss of hair, particularly in women, can be linked to a decrease in the volume of their blood. Anemia, the condition which describes iron deficiency in the body, can be one of the reasons why blood decreases in the body. Iron is needed for an important component in the blood, known as haemoglobin, which gives the red blood cells their red colour and enables them to transport oxygen. When there is insuffieciency of iron in the body, the number of red blood cells produced also falls, leading to an overall fall in the amount of blood in the body.

A large amount of blood is lost during surgery and in childbirth. This can also lead to anemia, which is why patients who have recently undergone surgery and mothers who have just given birth find that their hair has thinned considerably. Eating iron rich foods and taking iron supplements can help to reverse anemia and stop hair loss.

Anemia and hair loss may be indicators of a more serious medical condition. People experiencing these symptoms should have their doctor diagnose the problem in order to find and treat the underlying condition.

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