What are Anti-Inflammatories?

Both topical and internal anti-inflammatory supplements help prevent Inflammation induced causes illnesses such as cicatricial (scarring) alopecia. Anti-inflammatory products lessen inflammation and also do not arouse side effects such as itching, flaking and redness. These topical treatments come in the form of Tricomin, Folligen, Proxiphen and Proxiphen-N, Betadine and T-Gel and Nizoral Shampoos.

Nizoral diminishes itching, inflammation and side effects caused by other treatments like Propecia. This shampoo preserves scalp health and if used regularly helps to treat male pattern baldness (MPB) and female pattern baldness (FPB).

Nioxin shampoo helps recover hair health by decontaminating the scalp’s skin, intensifying hair follicles, maintaining scalp moisture and arousing cellular activity.

T/Gel is a brand name of a whole range of shampoos and hair loss cure treatments that are intended to cure scalp problems such as dandruff, itching, flakiness, and excess oil.
T/Sal® Maximum Strength Therapeutic Shampoo contains 3% Salicylic Acid. This shampoo successfully gets rids of the crispy build-up of psoriasis and dandruff on the scalp, as well heal problems caused by excessively oily skin.

This form of treatment and its range of products have evidently helped lessen inflammation, itching, redness, and flaking caused by the hormonal and immune system reactions on the scalp.

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How is Hair Replacement Done?

Hair loss is mainly caused due to aging, or some kind of hormonal imbalance in the body or family history of baldness. There are many ways where you can have your hair back on your scalp one being the hair replacement technique. Before going for any kind of treatment one should be well aware of the technique inside out like the procedure, consequences and many things.

The hair replacement techniques employs two ways one in which minimal hair enhancement is needed and other one for the patients who have lost enough hair the treatment is known as scalp reduction treatment. The treatment involves a hair which is grafted into the area where hair is less or completely vanished. The hair is collected from the donor site or sometimes artificial hair is drafted into the scalp by grafts. The type of grafts decides the number of hairs which can be grafted like the strip grafts does the maximum hair replacement at a time and the micro graft can hold only hairs at a time.

In order to cover the large areas of baldness in a person one can go flap hair replacement surgery. In this type of surgery a flap which has hair embedded on the skin is placed over the scalp which has no hair.

This technique is very effective and can do the work numerous grafts in very less time. Scalp reduction technique involves eliminating the areas of baldness and then implementing a flap surgery or a hair transplant surgery.

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