Why Does Poor Hygiene Affect Heart Disease?

Poor hygiene resulting in a disease called  periodontitis can result in a heart attack when the lipoproteins enhance. Artery hardening can be caused by this gum disease resulting in a heart attack. In fact, this disease ensures that a person has three times chances of a heart attack than a person who does not have periodontitis. .A lot of studies are conducted to find what is the link between a person’s oral health and his chances of suffering from a heart attack, but all these studies have produced conflicting results so far.  People who are above the age of 60 suffer from alveolar bone loss which increases their vulnerability to the heart disease. The bacteria of gum disease are responsible for causing heart problems.

Older people who had a higher percentage of the gum diseases had fatter arteries which determined that they had a high risk of getting the stroke. People who suffered from higher oral bacteria have a higher incidence of acute coronary syndrome which includes a plethora of heart related problems like heart attack and an unstable angina. So, it’s advisable that you should visit a dentist and get your teeth checked periodically.

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