An Explanation on Hypotension Are Low Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force by which blood is pushed to the arterial walls of the heart and if it decreases then the normal level then it is known as hypotension or low blood pressure. Autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating blood pressure with the help of receptors, hormones and nerves so as for maintaining proper balance of sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for raising blood pressure thereby resulting in high blood pressure. Hypotension is caused due to medicinal side effects, hormonal imbalance, anemia and enlargement of blood vessel. Hypotension is also responsible for causing hypovolemia which can result in dehydration due to diarrhea, blood loss and hemorrhage.

Yes, hypotension is low blood pressure resulting in faint like condition. Orthostatic hypotension is also a type of hypotension resulting in low blood pressure and it is mainly experienced by a person standing up after sitting down for a long time. Cough, severe back pain, side effects of medicines, feeling unconscious, uneasiness while breathing, fever followed by headache and stiffness of neck, feeling of fatigue and severe chest pain are some of the symptoms experienced by person suffering from hypotension. Hypotension can be treated by intake of medicines and oral drugs which helps in relieving the symptoms of hypotension.

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