Immunotherapy | Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Biological study of the cancer cells has led to various research programmes, which found that some of the cancer related problems can fought by the body’s own immune system. Often we are less aware of the power of our own immune system to fight diseases. Tumour cells arising on the onset of the disease is tolerated by the patient’s own immune system. The use of the patient’s immune system to cure cancer is termed as immunotherapy cancer treatment. Here the patient’s is immune system is stimulated, repaired and enhanced so as to make it strong to fight the cancer cells. This is done by way of vaccination, through cancer vaccines like   Dendreon’s Provenge, which helps in recognising the cancer cells and attacking them. Immunotherapy is done together with the combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Some biological agents, which form a part of the human body can now be made in labs. They are injected into the body, which itself fights the cancer cells or it helps the body’s own system to fight against the disease. One of the interesting things about immunotherapy is that, it targets the antigens (tumour cells) and to fight with them, directs some antibodies towards it. Moreover, improvement in this method of immunotherapy from time to time has enhanced its effectiveness and has brought down its side effects.

This immunotherapy for cancer has been practiced since 100 years. Scientists researching with immunotherapy are continuously working to develop efficient vaccines which can build the human immune system stronger. After many years of study, the first example of immunotherapy, termed as biological therapy was developed. The encouraging fact about the same is that, immunotherapy has proved, patients undergoing such treatment can live a longer life, than the ones not receiving it. The side effect of immunotherapy is comparatively less than of the other therapies, and it also helps to keep the mind and body strong.

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