Common Causes of Itchy Eyes and Ways to Avoid Them

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. They may suffer from several kinds of allergic reactions. These allergic reactions can cause a number of eye problems. One of the most common problems of the eye is itchiness. It is extremely important to understand why eye is more susceptible to such reactions. Eyes always remain moist and exposed to the outer environment. It experiences the dirt and smoke as well as prolonged period of sunlight. These external conditions make it vulnerable to these itching infections and you may develop itchy eyes. In certain cases you may also suffer from itchy eyes because of infection from pollen grains. It is very important to understand the anatomy of the eye. The part of the eye that lines the inner surface is called as conjunctiva. This is the part which contracts most of the problems of the eyes. Thus itchy eyes are also called as allergic conjunctivitis.

Some of the major disorders of the vital parts of the eye are blepharitis and dry eye. These disorders manifest themselves by an initial itching in the eyes. For this reason itchy eyes should never be taken casually. Most common causes of these eye allergies are the reaction to chemical substances by the immune system present in our body. Itchy eyes are an indication of infection. It is very important to consult a trained doctor in case you feel itching in your eye for a long period of time.

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