Affecting almost half of the entire world, Keratosis Pilaris or KP, as it is commonly known, is characterized by inflamed red and white bumps on the skin and is often mistaken for acne. Getting rid of KP includes both indirect and direct treatment on the skin which can reduce the clogs and bumps to a great extent. There are many natural and home remedy methods that are available to cure keratosis pilaris but the bumps take a longer while to go away and give a very uncomfortable, undesirable and itchy feeling. In order to avoid this, many people prefer to go in for laser treatment for getting rid of KP fast and effectively.

keratosis pilaris treatment with laser banish my bumps reviewBanish My Bumps Review – How To Cure Keratosis Pilaris In 7 Days

Laser hair removal (LHR) has been used to reduce the hair follicle growth and curling that happens in keratosis pilaris. Sometime, LHR might even help reduce the area of the bumps that occur in KP. Although LHR hasn’t proven to be beneficial in 100% of the cases and is slightly expensive too, it may help all the severe cases of KP and those people who have been struggling with the skin disorder for many years. In LHR, laser beams are employed to remove the hair and clearing the bumps. The reduction in the hair growth means that keratin settlement is reduced, leading to no formation of the bumps. Sometimes it so happens that the bumps are a result of melanin (coloration and moisture holding pigment) pigmentation. In such cases, the laser treatment is done directly onto the affected areas. LHR is employed by calculating the size and he dryness of the bumps, which are then burned off by gently employing high-intensity and strong beams. LHR may require repeat sessions and some time to react positively on your skin, depending upon the skin response.

For the more advanced cases of KP, laser therapies are also used sometime. Comprising the more aggressive fractional lasers, carbon dioxide lasers and resurfacing lasers, these are used only in limited cases and haven’t been proven to be 100% successful.

Patients should know that laser treatment is not suitable for everyone. There are some side effects of LHR since the beam directly penetrates the skin. LHR should be carefully thus considered taking into account the severity of the disorder and the skin sensitivity of the patient. Apart from this, natural methods of treatment are usually preferred, and sometimes maintaining a perfect diet also helps in reducing KP.

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