Vitamins Used To Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol level in the body causes a lot of harmful diseases in the humans. Vitamins play an important role to restrict the increase of the LDL-cholesterol level in the blood and thus help in maintaining   a healthy and active lifestyle. The most important and natural source of vitamins are legumes, cold water fish like salmon, green leafy vegetables, barley, soy beans, fruits, oats, and garlic.

Secondly vitamin B-complex supplements like B-6, folic acid, B-12 and niacin also act as excellent sources of vitamins. Especially niacin helps in reducing the LDL-cholesterol in human blood. Thirdly vitamins can also be obtained from beta-sitosterol and sitostanol which are derived from plants and are found in adequate quantity in fruit juices and margarines. Fourthly vitamin C acts as an excellent form of antioxidant that aids in decreasing the risk of heart disorder.
Finally omega-3 fatty acid is an important source of vitamin and it is usually found in cold water fish like salmon. Omega-3 fatty acid supplements are also easily available in the market. Apart from these common vitamin supplements, the ‘Department of Family and Preventive Medicine’ has claimed that calcium supplements also help in cutting down cholesterol level in the human body.     

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