Facts about Lowering Cholesterol

In order to maintain the normal cholesterol level in the human body blood test should be done at regular intervals. The normal cholesterol level ranges from 140 to 200 milligrams, per deciliter of blood. People with higher cholesterol level are more prone to suffer from strokes and heart attacks while those having a lower cholesterol level are more likely to suffer from liver cancer. So, it is necessary to maintain normal cholesterol level in the blood to remain fit and healthy.

Compared to women the cholesterol level in men is high but after the menopause cycle the cholesterol level in women tends to increase. Thus age becomes one of the reasons for increase in cholesterol in the human body. Smoking also affects the cholesterol level; so it should be stopped completely or else it may lead to heart diseases. Food habits need to be changed. People should switch to more healthy and nutritious foods like green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and lean meats. Reduction in the consumption of foods containing high in fat and cholesterol is necessary. Exercises should become an important part of the daily lifestyle. Moreover people suffering from thyroid or diabetes need to take proper medication to keep their thyroid and blood sugar levels under control.

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