What do you know about Morgellons disease?

Morgellons disease is commonly considered by most doctors all over the world as a disease produced by the figment of imagination. In recent times some dermatologists and doctors have decline patients suffering from Morgellons disease as they believe the disease to be a mental condition and do not have any medical links. But there are significant reports from several doctors who have claimed that the people suffering from this disease can be cured with placebos.

Doctors mostly believe that healing depends mostly on the thinking of the patient. If a patient believes that he can be cured from the disease then he will heal quickly. There are instances where people suffering from Morgellons have been treated with copper and silver supplements. Some even claimed that the disease can be cured by salt and sulfur supplements. But there is no solid proof of the success of these treatments. Dr. Peter Lynch of the California University has stated that maximum number of patients suffering from Morgellons disease react to psychotropic treatments that are specified for their neurosis. He also commented that Morgellons is such a disease which can successfully be cured through psychological treatment of the mind and not by any physical form of treatment.   

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