Myths, facts, and statistics about asthma

Even though asthma is such a common disease all over the world, still there exist a large number of myths, facts and statistics about asthma. The main myth regarding the disease is that asthma is not curable. Actually, this is not true. In most of the cases, asthma can be cured and over prolonged treatment, the diagnosis of asthma will be negative. The disease is curable especially of the asthma is diagnosed at an early stage or at an early age. In such cases, the disease can be cured completely. Other myths, facts and statistics about asthma include relating asthma with the lunar cycle, which doesn’t have any scientific proof or valid theoretical explanation. In addition to this, there are more myths, facts and statistics about asthma, such as inhibiting asthma patients to participate in sports. This is not true. Actually, if the asthma patient is young, then sports will actually help him or her in overcoming asthma. Some sports like swimming and other aquatic sports actually have been proved to show a positive result in inhibiting the extent of this disease. Also, there are also some deadly myths, facts and statistics about asthma. There is a very ignorant myth that suggests that if a patient continues without any kind of treatment or medication, then he or she will slowly develop immunity towards this disease. This fact is entirely false and as soon as asthma symptoms show up, proper diagnosis and treatment should be followed. These myths, facts and statistics about asthma are rubbish and should not be believed.

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