How Can I Handle The Stress Of Not Smoking?

Learning how to stop smoking is not easy. You have to have your mind made up to quit even before you begin. But the after affects of quitting is very much worth the struggle. Reducing your chances of a heart attack, stroke and cancer is very mind soothing. You will also breathe better, taste better, smell better and most of all you will feel better. If you have quit smoking but the urges are still getting to you, don’t be alarmed this may take some time for it to stop. If you go a restaurant asked to always be seated in the nonsmoking section. Stay away from any habits or things that made you want to smoke before.

Stay away from your friends and family that smoke. You can explain to them that you have quit and being around people that smoke will only make you want to start smoking again.

Every day that you go through a day without a cigarette is one day closer to never feeling like you need or want a cigarette. Always reward yourself.
Go to a spa for the big reward. Go to the mall and enjoy shopping without having to stop to have a cigarette. Join the YMAC or a gym and exercise. This helps to keep your mind off the urge to smoke. Take a walk, take a class but always do something throughout the day that you couldn’t do before because you smoked.

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