Nude Yoga | Principle and Practicing

Yoga is based on the principle of uniting the body, the mind and the soul. The Nude yoga is one of the disciplines of the ancient exercise and is gaining popularity for some time now. The Nude yoga concentrates on making it easy to perform the poses without the limitations of the clothing. The supporters of nude yoga are happy and are celebrating the breaking of taboo and the fact that they don’t have to pay for expensive Yoga clothing.

Nude yoga encourages the performer to get rid of insecurities and taboo. It develops a feeling of indifference towards the physical aspect of the human bodies among the participants and makes them feel more natural towards what they are. The Nude yoga is based on the principle that the body is a temple and it is meant to be celebrated as and what it is irrespective of its shape and size.

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Usually, the Licensed Nude yoga studios have some limitations set upon them to protect the members. Such studios don’t have any windows and the doors remain locked always. Photography is not allowed inside the studios. If anyone enters the class, it is just for participation. Some instructors hold mixed gender classes for the nude yoga while others still limit their classes to just women or just men. This is followed to minimize the sexual tension between the participants and fear of being judged. Although, most of the people who have tried the Nude yoga classes say that there insecurities disappeared in about 10 minutes after the class started. Anyone who is starting the Nude yoga class needs to keep it in mind that the basic principle of Yoga is to unite the body, mind and soul and hence the prime concern must be achieving this goal.

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