Quit Smoking Shots: What are they?

Medicine is always evolving and now for smokers there are quit smoking shots that can aid in stopping the habit and nicotine addiction. These shots are administered by the physician and help to suppress the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking.

There are three types of shots available, and each is formulated to help ease the withdrawal symptoms making it easier to quit smoking, however they are not for everyone. The first reason is they can be costly, ranging in price from $300 to $600 and the second reason is there are people with some health conditions that this can present dangers. Women that are pregnant should not have these injections, they can present dangers to the unborn baby. There are some medical conditions that make these injections dangerous like high blood pressure, people with heart rhythm disorders, people with prostate disease and people that are taking mood elevating medications or antidepressants.

These injections do not contain nicotine, but contain chemicals that send messages to the brain mimicking nicotine affects in the body. These chemicals in the quit smoking injection can include side effects like dry mouth, dizziness, confusion, changes in appetite, vision and urination problems. When these injections are administered to closely there is a risk of stroke or heart attack.

Prior to having these type of injections there should be a complete physical and the physician should be aware of any medical conditions or medications that are being taken. 
The three types of quit smoking injections that are available to help quit smoking and alleviate the withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Smart Shot; which is given in one injection
  • Quit 123; this is given in a three separate injections
  • Welplex Shot; this is a series of three injections

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