Radiotherapy | Radiotherapy Cancer Treatment

Radiotherapy can be used to treat and control many kinds of cancer. It is a process of sending radioactive rays into the patient’s body to shrink the size of the tumour and thus reducing the cancer cells. A proper planning for individual patients is done for the cancer treatments. The planning begins with stimulation and is done with the help of CT (Computed Tomography) scan, which is often done by the doctors to detect the proper location of the tumour cells. To make the stimulation process effective it is important to ensure the proper fixed position of the head, for which a mask is often used by the physicians.

Radiotherapy is of two types for cancer treatment, internal radiation therapy and external radiation therapy. In case of internal therapy, the patient is given the beams directly on the place, where he is having the tumour by placing the radioactive material near the cancer cells. However, in case of external radiation therapy the beam is passed on to the body of the patient through a machine placed near him.

For cancer treatment radiotherapy works by destroying the molecules within the cells which are the carrier of information on genetic to the upcoming generations. It is send to the veins, which travel towards the tissues. Radiotherapy either destroys the DNA completely or it leaves some radicals for damaging the DNA within the cells. However, proper care should be taken by the doctors while giving the radiations, so that the normal tissues does not get affected or damaged during the process. Due to its delicacy, it is done under the supervision of a team of disciplinary people. It is often done on a weekly basis which requires daily visit to the therapy centres. Radiotherapy helps to reduce the pain and sufferings of the cancer problems.

Radiation therapy is new technique for cancer treatment. It can be combined with surgery to make the cancer treatment more effective. It is used on the patients to cure them as well as to stop the recurrence.

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