Why is LDL Cholesterol Harmful?

Regular aerobic and physical exercise lowers down the high blood pressure. If the person suffering from hypertension is leading sedentary lifestyle, then the lifestyle must be changed. Maintaining balanced diet is the best way to reduce high blood pressure. Balanced diet includes consumption of fruits and vegetables, moderate fat intake, cereals, pulses, fibrous foods, calcium and potassium rich food products.

Reduction in salt intake, avoiding alcohol and smoking also can lower the risk of hypertension. The nicotine contained in the tobacco raises the blood pressure so avoid tobacco chewing and cigarette smoking to reduce the hypertension. Stress management is also a way to reduce the risk of hypertension. Stress can be reduced by exercises such as yoga, breathing exercises, meditations which help in relaxing thereby reducing the risk of developing hypertension. Avoid meat, fish and poultry as it contains high fatty products.

Person suffering from hypertension should consume nuts, and plenty of whole grains by which you can lower the blood pressure thereby reducing the hypertension. Acupuncture is used for stimulating the nerves that are connected to the brain and cells inside the brain that controls the level of blood pressure. Consumption of blood pressure medicines reduces the high blood pressure thereby reducing the risk of developing hypertension. 

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