Who is Most at Risk for Dairy Allergies?

Dairy Allergies can occur irrespective of age, sex and physical conditions. Children with family history of dairy allergy are at the worst risk of developing it. Studies have found that diary allergy is somehow genetic and in more sixty percentage incidents it can inherit to children. In adults, dairy allergy can also create several problems.

Parents having allergic reactions like fever, asthma, hives and eczema towards milk and milk product have a greater chance to give birth children with dairy allergy.  The worst affected part of dairy allergy is our skin. It can cause redness in skin, swelling and rash over it. It can cause severe acne problems too. However, the negative reaction towards casein and whey protein, and lactose sugar decreases with increase in age. Our digestive systems get accustomed with milk with passage of time. People having history of reaction towards other allergens are also affected worse with dairy allergy. Studies have found it can aggravate other allergies

Children with Atopic dermatitis are also affected by this allergy. However, the consolation part of dairy allergy is that it can be corrected with increase in age. Proper doctor consultation can help a lot in this regard to prevent any adverse effects.  

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