What Does Rooibos Do for Allergies?

Cytochrome p450 is an enzyme responsible for encouraging and helping metabolism of allergens. Rooibos helps by aggravating the generation of Cytochrmose p450. Rooibos is normally taken as a beverage. This chemical helps improve the fighting capacity of the body against many allergies, pollen effects, chronic allergies and asthma. It is also used regularly in Japan. This herb Rooibos is a favorite of many people and can be used in treating many symptoms, for example, to alleviate a running nose. The way to treat hay fever and running nose is pretty simple. Make some tea of Rooibos tea slowly let a small stream of it in your sinus and gently after holding for some time release it and then blow it. Rooibos is very effective in a treating hay fever the summer epidemic. Itchy and sensitive eyes can also be treated by rinsing with a preparation made of lukewarm water and Rooibos.

Also one can dab this solution using a cotton cloth. This would give instant relief from the itching and pain. Tea bags could be made and kept on eyes so as to relax eyes. Skin problems like itching, burning sensation and eczema can be eased with the addition of a few tea bags to ones bathing water.

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