What Does Seasonal Affective Disorder Mean?

There are a countless number of individuals that experience the symptoms that are associated with what is known as seasonal affective disorder, which is a condition that is otherwise known as SAD. This is a condition that generally occurs during specific times of the year that stay darker longer through the daytime, and generally are much colder than other times of the year. The lack of brightness from having more light during the winter months of the year is a big factor that can often result in seasonal affective disorder. During the summer months of the year when there is a lot more sunlight and it is much warmer, generally individuals with this condition will notice that the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder will go away. Much of this is because when there is more light and sunshine, these factors have the ability to stimulate specific types of brain activity that will lead to moods that are uplifted.

Although the most common time of the year that an individual with experience this type of disorder, there are also rare cases where a person will experience the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder during the bright and warm months of the summer.

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