Treatment of Sebaceous cysts

Sebaceous cysts can be easily diagnosed due to their unique appearance but sometimes in order to be absolutely sure a doctor may recommend a biopsy test to discard the possibilities of the formation of other types of cysts with similar manifestation. Sebaceous cysts are mostly harmless and they tend to heal on their own though sometimes they become swollen and sensitive.

In certain cases the cysts tend to grow significantly large and cause severe problem in the everyday life. An infected sebaceous cyst can lead to the formation of abscesses which are very painful in nature. In these cases doctor’s usually recommend the removal of the sebaceous cysts through a small surgery. But the removal of the cyst through operation dose not prevents it from recurring.  Small cysts can be cured with a steroid injection or by an antibiotic injection. Homemade medications are very effective in preventing the growth of the cysts. Face packs made with honey, sandalwood, cinnamon, orange peel, nutmeg and garlic are very useful in treating cysts. All the above mentioned ingredients help to prevent the excess secretion of sebum in the body which tends to clog the hair follicles that results in the formation of sebaceous cysts.   

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