When you stop smoking, how can Selenium help?

The act of smoking cigarettes is widely known as one of the most addictive and certainly the most dangerous habits that a person can form. There is not one single good thing that a person can benefit from when they smoke. As a matter of fact, the entire time that a smoker is inhaling the carcinogen known as nicotine and the numerous other dangerous chemicals that are contained in cigarettes, free radicals are continuously being released into the body, where they can begin their task of causing all types of danger to the body and various functions of the body.

Selenium is a nutrient that can help to promote the healing process from much of the damage that has been caused by the free radicals from smoking cigarettes. The anti-oxidant properties of Selenium provide the immune system with help needed in the body’s natural defensive actions to fight against harmful agents such as free radicals. It is effective in providing a shield to many of the organ cells of the body. Strength is also restored to the immune system so it has the ability to rid the body of harmful toxic agents in the body’s system.

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