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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually Transmitted Infections Sexually transmitted infections are diseases which spread from one person to other during sexual contact. It is found that these diseases are caused by bacteria, fungus and virus. Thirty different species of bacteria, virus and parasites are recognized as the carriers of these diseases. Chlamydial, trichomoniasis,

What is Vaginismus?

What is Vaginismus? There are many different medical problems that are faced by women in general and Vaginismus is one among them. But what is Vaginismus? It is a medical condition which results in making the penetration very tough as well as painful or very near to impossible due

Can Raisins Improve Sexual Health?

Can Raisins Improve Sexual Health? There have been several studies and research projects performed on raisins and the health benefits that they can provide. Raisins are a food item that contains a large amount of antioxidants which are beneficial for a variety of health factors within the body. The

Natural remedies of Vaginismus

Natural remedies of Vaginismus Vaginismus is the vaginal contraction leading to discomfort, burning sensations, penetrating problems or a whole incapability to have sexual intercourse. This is a state where there is spontaneous tightness of the female genital organs that is vagina during the time of sexual intercourse. The vaginismus

Core Coaching – For the Improvement of Sexual Health

Core Coaching – For the Improvement of Sexual Health Core coaching is a technique that is continuously suggested to numerous individuals by a large number of fitness experts to help them benefit from an improved physical health and an improved overall condition of sexual health as well. A few

Sexual masochism root causes

Sexual masochism root causes The actual cause of sexual masochism is still not very clear. However, there are many other reasons that have to prove to be some of the major causes of sexual masochism. There are some of the theories that will explain what triggers this disorder in

Ways to Improve How You View Your Sexual Health

Ways to Improve How You View Your Sexual Health It is unhealthy to try to control your sexuality. It is much healthier to simply let things happen naturally. This will improve sexual relations not only for you but for your partner as well. Let go of the negative labels

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction is the common sexual problem suffering by men. Erectile dysfunction is the inability in creating and preserving enough hardness for easy penetration. There are chances to experience this situation at any age. People above sixty are highly prone to this condition. There are numerous reasons

Sexual health and generic drugs

Sexual health and generic drugs Sexual health problems in men include various problems like: Erectile dysfunction Peyronie’s disease Lower sperm count STDs In women sexual health problems can include STD and sexual dysfunction. Such sexual health problems can be attended using generic drugs. However, some people believe that they

Foods that increase sperm count

Foods that increase sperm count Some foods increase sperm production, sperm count as well as sperm motility. If you suffer from any auto-immune disease or if you suffer from high cholesterol, it is advisable to discuss with your doctor which of these foods will be suitable for you. Foods