Sexual masochism root causes

The actual cause of sexual masochism is still not very clear. However, there are many other reasons that have to prove to be some of the major causes of sexual masochism. There are some of the theories that will explain what triggers this disorder in people. One of the researches states that sexual masochism is not present from starting. It occurs when the person goes through an emotional stress, depression or anxiety. They fantasies start slowly which then becomes a regular part of the sexual act and takes the form of sexual masochism. It can be caused due the unintentional act that otherwise would not been considered to get sexually aroused. This may must have acted as a stimulant and the person starts feeling pleasant about it. This urges them to do it repetitively and grows into sexual masochism.

Paraphilic fantasies are often experienced by teenagers and adults who can be continued for the rest of their lives. The intensity or frequency of these fantasies generally decreases with an increase in the age. If you feel that the fantasies are creating sexual disturbances then you can visit a health care specialist that will suggest you some effective therapies to deal with sexual masochism.

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