What Kind of Side Effects are there From Prescription Medications?

The prescription medications for anti smoking play a significant and efficient role in helping people to stop smoking. Though they are very popular among people, they are not free from side effects. Chantix is an anti smoking drug which has recently been discovered and has become remarkably famous within a short span of time. It consists of Varenicline which helps active smokers to give up their habit of smoking quite easily. This is possible because Varenicline helps in reducing a smoker’s desire to smoke.

The side effects caused due to this drug are vomiting, formation of gas, unpleasant dreams, constipation, dizziness, menstrual disorder, chest pain, hypertension and anxiety. Zyban is another kind of anti smoking drug which despite of being effective have specific side effects like seizures, anxiety, dry mouth, insomnia and irritability. Other examples of anti drugs are Nicotrol inhaler or nose spray, Nicorette gum, Habitrol patches, Nicoderm CQ patches and Commit lozenges. All these medicines form a group which is commonly known as Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT. The side effects caused due to these medicines are gum pain, abnormal dreams, irregular sleeping habits, nose irritation and skin rashes. All these side effects are mild and can be cured very fast through proper medication except for nausea which sometimes takes a serious shape.   

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