Skin Allergies | Effects and Remedies of Skin Allergy

 Skin allergies categories are as follows

  1. scaly patches of skin not caused by infection
  2. scaly patch caused by fungal or bacteria
  3. red itchy bumps over the body

Skin rashes that are caused of no infection may be due to change of toilet soap and exposure to sun for a longer period of time and wearing clothes that are not properly washed, The only remedy to such skin allergies will be applying body oil or sunscreen lotion before exposing to sun. Clean and properly washed clothes are the next thing to be followed in wearing.

But skin rashes due to fungal or bacteria are of separate class .some of them includes athlete foot which is caused by fungus Tinea pedis. Those who are wearing shoes most of the hours in a day are susceptible to athlete foot. Generally the fungus form a cut between the fingers there by itching co-ordinate with pain arises finally forming reddish sores. Antifungal creams are generally prescribed for such diseases application of the cream for 2 to 3 days will completely cure the skin allergy at initial stage where as over a period of weak may be taken to cure adverse condition.

Some other skin rashes which are reported to be caused as a result of chicken pox, small pox, measles, rubella etc . These are caused by concerned viruses and proper vaccination is needed to prevent vitality of such skin allergy. Generally children are vaccinated against these skin allergies.

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