Can Smoking cause Psoriasis?

It has been noted that smoking can cause psoriasis. In fact smoking can aggravate the skin disease. If one takes notes of the risk factors which are involved with psoriasis, smoking tops the list. A recent study has been conducted among 818 adults. It has been seen that those patients who are in the habit of smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day develops twice the chances of being affected with severe psoriasis. The risk is less for those who smoked 10 cigarettes or less than that a day. Smoking can actually prevent the skin’s natural capacity to repair itself.

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Heavy smokers will lose essential nutrients in the skin. In the prsocess, the blood flow will be hampered. In case a smoker is injured, he will recover slowly as compared to a non-smoker. Moreover most smokers can develop psoriasis. As the skin loses its natural ability to heal, the red patches will not disappear quickly. This is because collagen which helps in keeping the skin firm is nourished by Vitamin C. Along with Vitamin C; Vitamin A also helps in keeping the skin healthy and fresh. With continuous smoking, there will be less supply of Vitamin A and C to the skin.

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