Yoga | Starting with Yoga

Are you looking for yoga, if so you ought to know first about the yoga sequence?  there are several yoga poses which include yoga breathing exercises,  various styles of yoga which a novice will not be able to perform at the start of yoga practice. The best time for practicing yoga is in the early morning and a generalized run of one hour is enough. Nevertheless, for people who have spare time, spending up to one and a half hour daily will be fine. For novices, it is suggested that they start with yoga asanas in addition to paranayama. For better benefits it is recommended to practice Yoga for at least thrice in a week, but if you can make it to 6-7 days it would be great.

When starting with the yoga poses, you can start with a slight warm up that should include a free hand stretching workout. After that move on to the asanas. After completing this step you’ll need to get seated in padmasana or sukhasana, or vajrasana. It’s the turn of performing pranayama. The practices are recommended to be done only for 5 to 10 minutes, each.

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Benefits by practicing Yoga

It is scientifically proven that Yoga has several benefits which include weight loss, getting in shape, to get more energized, to get relief from pain and to get complete cure from particular diseases. If you want to achieve these things then you have to take care of your depressing emotions, diet and you should think positive. Also Yoga plays a vital role in controlling mind power.

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