Can Stress cause Psoriasis?

Stress can actually worsen psoriasis and as a result the patients will feel more itching on skin. There are some doctors who feel that even a stressful event can lead to an attack of psoriasis. The outbreak of red, ugly and scaly patches on the skin can have a psychological impact on the patients. There are patients who feel ashamed or embarrassed of how they look. The constant itching can actually make life miserable. Both brain and skin have originated from neuroectoderm. Skin which is considered as one of the sense organs has different nerve endings in them which are also directly linked with the brain and the autonomous nervous system.

All these are not only interlinked but are more or less affected by the same hormonal secretions. T lymphocytes are also an integral part of the system. This pathway also affects the stress response of the body. As a natural consequence skin will be affected by this response. Doctors have felt that psoriasis may trigger a reactive depression. Some of the common symptoms of this disorder are angry outbursts, bouts of depression and anxiety. At times the patient may be seen behaving in an obsessed manner. Many researchers and doctors have felt that psoriasis and stress are parts of the same vicious cycle. In order to control psoriasis stress management becomes absolutely essential.

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