Is Surgery Possible With High Cholesterol?

People with high levels of cholesterol can be treated with medications and self care. It is possible to conduct a surgery with high cholesterol if the severity of the disease is very high. The high levels of cholesterol can be very dangerous as it tends to narrow your arteries gradually. Cholesterol is a fatty substance which might gets deposited inside the arteries if present in blood in large amount.

It generally causes the heart related diseases; Cholesterol generally builds up in your bloodstream. The LDL-Cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) is bad cholesterol which tends to deposit the cholesterol in the artery walls. The arteries are damaged by the high concentration of the cholesterol in the arteries. If the cholesterol level isn’t controlled the deposition would become much dense and gradually blocking the blood vessel which can be lethal it might cause heart attack and other heart diseases.

 When most of the blood vessels are constricted it is advisable to surgery which is a best alternative then. The bypass surgery is very widely in case of most of the vessels getting blocked. In this surgery a vein or an artificial artery is used to bypass the flow of blood to the region where the blood flow is restricted or halted. 

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