Is it important for children and teens to take supplements?

Statistics and surveys reveal that more than 30% of the children in US are given supplements regularly along with their food. Though this is a low percentage, it should also be taken in the positive note that more and more parents are becoming conscious about the health of their children.

Most children do not eat regularly and often suffer from digestion problems and sickness. Due to this irregular timings and food habits, sufficient amount of proteins and minerals do not get into the body and this can lead to low energy levels. It is very important that children should be energetic to perform their activities, play sports and look active and be enthusiastic.

On the other hand teens have their own food choices and neglect eating quality food and prefer junk items that are filled with high calories. Following a strict diet plan is also very difficult for teens. Thus supplements can be good for both children and teenagers.

If you give your child a daily multivitamin the worst it can do is absolutely nothing. However if your child is deficient in something then it can do a world of good and promote a more balanced healthy child.

For children who eat healthy foods regularly and teens who are health contentious of the nutritional benefits of what they eat, supplements are not usually necessary. In all reality though it is rare that a child or a teen will have a 100% balanced diet and it is for this reason, that I recommend that every child and teenager get a daily supplement.

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