Milk Thistle as a Remedy for Psoriasis

Milk thistle has shown in research to inhibit human T-cell activation, which is something that occurs in the body of a person that has psoriasis, which means that milk thistle can help to inhibit the outbreaks of the disease.

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There are some cases where milk thistle should not be taken even for people that have psoriasis, and this is when they are also taking antipsychotics or male hormones. This is because the herbal supplement can have adverse affects when combined with either of these two types of medications. Other than these milk thistle should be stopped when there are gastrointestinal problems, and it is possible when taking the herbal remedy for psoriasis to have a mild allergic reaction.

Milk thistle can be found as a supplement in tablet or liquid form in health food stores and when taken regularly many psoriasis sufferers have seen some relief from the condition.

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