What is a tick bite?

Tick bite: Ticks are the arthropods for e.g. Spiders. Ticks are the parasites that feed on blood. Only method of transportation of ticks is through physical contact. Tics don’t fly, neither do they jump but they can in some cases. Ticks are supposed to be the leading carriers of diseases to the human beings. More than 800 spices of ticks are found all over the world.

. It is not the bite of the tick that causes tick bite but the toxins, secretions and the fluids in the saliva of the tick responsible for the disease. Ticks responsible for the transmission of the disease are classified into two families:

  • Ixodidae (hard ticks).
  • Argasidae (soft ticks). 

In appearance hard ticks have a tough black plate or scutum on the contrary soft ticks have much rounded bodies and do not have scutum. Hard ticks attach to the host and can feed on them from hours to days. In hard ticks the disease transmission takes place at the end of the meal usually. Soft ticks on the other hand can feed for less than an hour. Transmission of the disease can occur in minutes in soft ticks. Ticks are usually found in wooded or forested region. They are found in abundance where animals come to drink water.  

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