Tinea Versicolor and the Candida Diet

Since yeast is the cause for tines versicolor skin disease, so this disease is even common in people suffering from overgrowth of Candida in the guts. Tinea versicolor is types of fungal infection which develops on the skin and disrupt the skin pigmentation resulting in development of discolor patches on the skin surface. This fungus will cause development of white or pink color spots on the chest, back and sometimes on the face as well as on the neck.

Many people found improvement in the symptoms of tinea versicolor disease with the help of Candida diet. But only diet will not be helpful in completely getting rid of tinea versicolor, several essential components such as anti-fungal, hormones and detox must be used. People suffering from Candida overgrowth often seem to have some amount of tinea versicolor and they may not even come to know about it. Candida diet functions by removing all types of sugar present in the body and it is because of this that some people feel that their symptoms are improved and they are feeling better. In the initial stage of tinea versicolor Candida diet can be quiet useful but when the skin disease becomes severe, it needs to be supplemented with probiotics and anti-fungal.

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