Treating Rosacea with Laser

Flushing and redness are the two most common symptoms shown by the patient suffering from rosacea. Best way to treat these symptoms is by using the laser technology. This treatment works best for the blood vessels which become enlarged and appear red in color. Studies have also shown that laser treatment has been useful even for treating the acne and pimples which are associated with the rosacea. KTP laser, pulsed dye laser and YAG laser are some of the laser techniques used for rosacea treatment.

If rosacea has lead to thickening of the skin then YAG or CO2 laser are used. Most of the people feel considerable improvement just after the first session of the laser treatment but several more sessions are required to completely cure rosacea. Some may feel little problem with the laser treatment but they do not cause pain. As soon as you start feeling better, you can return back to your normal activities. Redness may persist for some time after the treatment for few hours followed by few swelling. Sometimes side effect such as bruising can also be felt and it may take around a time of 4 to 7 days to go away. Carry out the laser treatment under the guidance of the experienced and skilled physician.

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