How is Urticaria caused?

Allergens: Some people may be allergic to some thing which may be present in the environment or food. This allergy triggers symptoms like hives. Some people are allergic to dairy products, peas, meat, fish and eggs. It is worth noting that different people have different allergies and not all allergies trigger such skin conditions. Pollen, dander, dust and fungi are also common allergens, which are responsible for urticaria in some cases.

Alcohol: Normally, reaction due to ethanol in alcohol is rare. The allergic reaction might be due to presence of other ingredients in the alcoholic beverages. These chemicals include papain, dyes and yeast. Some people might have urticaria if they ingest wine or beer and in a few reports, it was found that this reaction was directly related to ethanol. 
Drugs: According to the available studies, drugs such as antibiotics, vaccinations, anti-inflammatory drugs, hormonal preparations and contraceptive pills cause reactions in the hypersensitive person’s body and lead to urticaria.
Apart from the above some other common causes are insect bites, fungal infections, bacterial infections, systemic diseases and stress. Sometimes, this skin condition may occur in which no exact cause could be recognized.

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