What is Vaginismus?

There are many different medical problems that are faced by women in general and Vaginismus is one among them. But what is Vaginismus? It is a medical condition which results in making the penetration very tough as well as painful or very near to impossible due to the involuntary contraction of the vagina.

 It is a fact that still most of the people really wonder what vaginismus is.  The main causative muscles that are involved in causing what is vaginismus which is painful are the pubococcygeal muscles. The most common reason pointed out when the question what is vaginismus arises is that it is the difficult situation where the vagina becoming unable to relax which is very much required for the penetration to occur successfully. Due to this, penetration of the penis into the vagina becomes painful and in many cases becomes impossible. There is no particular time period in a women’s life for vaginismus to occur.

But once it occurs it makes the sexual intercourse a very painful experience or in majority of cases it totally prevents the occurrence of intercourse. The painfulness and also the extent of this medical condition vary among different women. In some of the severest conditions of the women who undergo such a medical condition they would not be able to allow anything to penetrate into their vagina. Many women believe that this type of medical condition is caused as a result because they have some sort of genital abnormality that does not allow them to allow the smooth penetration of the penis during the sexual intercourse. But this belief is not true since this has noting to do with the genital abnormality.

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