Safety and health tips(Vitamin D)

Vitamin D is considered to be one of those vitamins which are believed to be instrumental in helping the body fight illnesses. Vitamin D is said to have the qualities which can help keep common cold away. Researchers have found out that in people who have very low levels of vitamin D, the chances of a common cold infection were much higher and people who had adequate amounts of vitamin D in the body were able to fight the virus in a more successful manner.

The main natural source of vitamin D is the sunlight that we receive. It is also observed that in places where direct sunlight is not commonly taken advantage of, people in those places face more threat from the common cold virus. Hence in seasons like winter and monsoons, when the sunlight is not available easily the occurrences of common cold infections increase among people. It is hence concluded that Vitamin D is a good option for the prevention of common cold.

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