Does Cranberry Cure Urinary Tract Infections?

Urinary tract infection is marked worldwide in both male and females. Cranberry or Vaccinium macrocarpon, a commonly used anti-bacterial drug can help a lot in treating urinary tract infection (UTI) in women. Studies have found it immensely beneficial for treating small, non-controlled and even controlled form of urinary tract infection. It even reduces the requirement of antibiotics to heal this disorder. Though, the exact impact of Cranberry on UTI, several hypotheses have been cropped up in its favor.

 Bacteriostatic disorders are the major reason behind UTI. Benzoic acid content of Cranberry juice is capable of preventing and healing these disorders.  However, benzoic acid and UTI treatment is under the fire of several controversies. The second group of researchers proving the correlation between Cranberry and UTI are of the view that UTI is a result of E Coli’s (produced by uroepithelial cells) adhesion with several bacteria. Cranberry juice is capable of reducing that adhesion and prevents UTI. It also prevents the excretion of unabsorbed fructose through urinary bladder. Cranberry taken as oral supplement has no side effects for human body. There are several supplements available in this regard. Before using these supplements, you need to consult your doctor for possible side effects.  


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