Is acne vulgaris contagious?

Many people might have this question in mind, whether acne vulgaris is contagious or not. Some people may say that acne is not contagious but it is not true. This is because acne vulgaris is listed in the top most troublesome and at the same time very common disorder. The biggest problem is that this disorder affects teenagers mostly in their adulthood which can prove to be a major setback and can dent one’s self confidence.

One might be forced to look at the terrible side of life and can become a pessimist. Moreover acne vulgaris disorder tends to leave away scars which might be permanent, if not long lasting, therefore badly hurting one’s self image, making people over conscious while being a part of the normal audience. It is known that contagion is caused by elements such as bacteria. Acne is a result of bacterial elements. Acne is caused because of the poor hygiene and therefore starts spreading from one person to another. Therefore acne vulgaris is contagious. When one’s body reacts to this infection, it is seen that already a mixture of dead bacteria and skin cells along with white blood cells and a few other minute factors have been created which combined create inflammation.   

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