What are the dangers of Teen Suicide and how to recognize the warning signs?

Many often it has been seen that teens commit suicide when they find the depression to be unbearable. Statistics shows that every year 5000 young people within the age of 15 to 24 commit suicide. This number has tripled over the last half century, and currently the third major cause of death among teens. It is also the second cause of death among college attending people.

Researchers found that suicidal thought comes among adolescent due to long lasting problems activated by certain events. The problem with suicidal teens is that they think of the problems as permanent, instead of temporary. When feelings of guilt alone with anger combine with depression, then it can lead to aggressive and self destructive acts.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

There have been some warning signs among four out of five teens who commit suicide. There signs should be noted precisely by parents and actions should be taken accordingly. Some of these signs include suicidal threats, drawings and writings that resemble death, getting rid of belongings, sleeping and eating pattern is changed, bizarre and irrational behavior and sudden change in appearance and personality. Remember, these warning signs should be taken seriously and giving care and support can save a precious young life.

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