Getting rid of warts with homeopathy

Warts are basically tumors in benign condition that are caused at the epidermis layer of the skin and the reason is a kind of virus. There are medications and even surgical methods to cure this problem although they are at times painful and show up side effects. Often people look for the home remedies which can cure warts naturally.

HPV, the virus responsible for this disease generally grow at the lower layers of the skin and this is why the warts do not have any root and this is quite contrary to the regular myth. The treatments available in homeopathy are extremely helpful in removing warts. Certain warts have specific symptoms which can be treated successfully with the homeopathy medicines. The dosage is to be taken generally after every 12 hours for best and fast results. The duration can be at least 3 weeks or more than that. Generally liquid medicines work well on warts. Thuja 6C is the medicine for the warts that are soft, bleeding and fleshy like the cauliflowers. Calcarea 6C is suggested for various types of warts that are small and hard. Other medicines include Sepia 6C, Antimonium and sulphur and many of these can be more effective if taken as a combination.  

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