Rules to Practice Yoga

To gain experience eventually in Yoga Meditation you should follow the general rules of Yoga and they are listed below:

Yoga shouldn’t be tried at once, at first u will start with the position of Louts flower, and then it will go on.

For good and healthy living, Yoga Meditation should be done in the early morning with an empty stomach…
It increases our memory power, calms down from mental stress and gives relaxation.

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While doing Asana it is necessary to breathe through nose and not through mouth and do Yoga Meditation after that. A deep long breathe. The better way is to keep eyes closed to do, because it helps to keep us concentrated and calm too. By doing these, face becomes bright… Diseases like diabetes and some more major problems can also be avoided, or diseases can also b cured by the process of Yoga Meditation. Blood pressure, obesity can also be controlled by using this method. A pregnant woman can also practice Yoga Meditation in a simple way, for their health and for the health of their little ones. Yoga poses should not be practiced for a lengthy period before 12 years old.

Yoga should be done in the minimum time of 15 minutes upto the maximum time of 45 minutes.

After doing your yoga do not rush to take meal, give a little bit time to rest and then you can continue with the meals only after 15 minutes.

It should be done in the Positive mind and probably with energy. It’s not kind of exercise to keep our muscles tighten, but normally it is practiced to keep the mind calm and body healthy.

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